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The history of construction for the PUKKA Company begins with Hamdi ABLAK's contracting work in the 1960s. Hamdi ABLAK started to tend tenders with the company. By making infrastructure projects, bridges, health centres and schools, it has become one of the leading contractors in Corum-Turkiye.

2nd generation Erol ABLAK, continued his father's career when he graduated from Civil Engineering in 1983. He started her business life with the activities of Balıkesir-Susurluk Sugar Factory and Balıkesir-Bigadic Irrigation Facilities. He has realized many public housing projects and corporate auctions in her professional life. He still continues his career as an expert in public opinion in Balıkesir-Burhaniye.

3rd generation Hamdi Erdem ABLAK, took over the business in 2003 from Erol Ablak. Continuous improvement in the direction of change and development in the sector, has opened the first building test laboratory in the Balıkesir region. He took on the regional representation of corporate firms and started to provide services in many fields. After completing the renovation work at Ayvalık Vakıfbank Training and Recreation Facilities in 2008, he started his first overseas work in 2009 by establishing ERA Engineering Company in Pristina-Kosovo. Between 2009 and 2011, he successfully delivered the works of various public institutions in Turkey and abroad.

In 2011, they successfully delivered the PUK Party Headquarters Building in Iraq. In order to maintain stability in the region, they decided to partner with Civil Engineer Dilan Lateef Polus. In 2013, they established PUKKA CONSTRUCTION.

Pukka Construction has taken all the necessary legal permits to operate in the oil operation areas in the region. Genel Energy, Petoil, serves the largest oil companies in the region. It has been working in oil fields for 5 years with its team of experts on oil and pipeline equipment and industrial structures.

Pukka Company has completed all the financial, human resources and technical infrastructure necessary to be one of the strongest companies under today's competitive conditions. PUKKA Company further strengthened relations with government agencies and private institutions at home and abroad. The company is taking firm steps towards achieving its growth targets with its young and strong technical staff.

Perhaps a life-time may not be enough to make dreams come true, but every step-in dream brings future generations to dreams.